Large Businesses

Discover, extract and create value



Our comprehensive strategic analyses and problem-solving approaches provide you the ability to confidently prioritize and monetize your company’s initiatives for implementation.


Build consensus

We develop cohesive plans  through our stakeholder engagement process that objectively determine the best course of action while garnering support for corporate strategies.


Deepen Organizational Effectiveness

Our applied frameworks allow management to identify, assess and effectively address disconnects between the company’s strategic plan and business operations, reducing overall cost and complexity.



Our Services Include:


Portfolio Planning:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Strategic Footprint Design
  • Business Line Synergies


Business Strategy:

  • Analysis of business models and future growth drivers
  • 4-Box Strategic Modeling
  • Capital and Operating Investment Strategy


Executive Advisors:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Operational Planning
  • Organizational Planning